Additional Services

We are India’s leading independent market research consultancy,
offering end to end research starting from ‘Research design’ to ‘Report presentation’.

Data Analysis

We provide advanced analytics services to help companies drill deeper into the data and understand the subterranean data linkages which drive customer behavior. Our Analytics services help companies to take data driven decisions and hone their marketing programs.

We can combine information from multiple data sources such as Transactional data, Demographic data and Market Research data using our analytics programs to present you insights to ensure acquisition, retention and enhancement in customer relationships.

Our data processing team is well versed with all the data structuring, data reduction and other statistical techniques like weighting, significance testing, correlation analysis and multi dimensional mapping.

Our experience extends in data processing and analysis to both ad hoc studies and continuous trackers. We convert complex data in to chart & dashboard format which will be easily interpretable.

The Syndicated Research Reports captures the respondents’ observations, expectations, satisfaction, confidence, and attitudes pertaining to different aspects of a specific sector.

Data Coding & Formatting

For any qualitative data, it is necessary to be converted into code for analysis process. We facilitate our client to minimize the complexity of huge data and convert it in to digital format.

After data collection, the most important part is to convert data in to information. Data has to be in proper format for further process of analysis.

We are providing following services:

  • Data entry
  • Data formatting
  • Data coding

Data Collection

Arya Market Research is a leading service provider in the field of conducting professional market research services be it quantitative & qualitative. We hold expertise in providing both primary and secondary research based services. It helps us to provide improvised marketing research study designs & analytical expertise that help us in successfully meeting client’s customized research needs.

Our large in-house data collection team having diversified sector expertise allows us to collect the best data. Our quality control department assures high level of quality.

Our data collection methods include:

  • Sample survey
  • In-depth interviews
  • Focus group
  • Observational study
  • Mystery shopping
  • Mail survey
  • Census
  • CATI
  • CAPI

Research Design Services

Research design is a heart of research process. It gives step by step process which will be followed throughout the process.

Research design caters following area:

  • Definition of information needed
  • Secondary data analysis
  • Selection of data collection method
  • Questionnaire design
  • Sampling process & Sample size
  • Defining respondent’s profile
  • Designing the Field Work
  • Data Coding & formatting method
  • Plan for data analysis

These services are especially for organization which has in-house research team. We can design the best plan & coordinate with the in-house team throughout the process. This facilitates you to use our expertise in research design at a very affordable price.

We are giving flexibility to select any of above services.